Coming of Age

Auckland is growing, both in size and ambition. Having reached 1.5 million residents, and with the aspiration of becoming the world's most liveable city, Auckland is a city that is coming of age and ready to be taken seriously.

To compete with the world's leading cities, Auckland needs a vibrant, diverse, stimulating cultural soul, and the infrastructure to house it.

A New Theatre for A New Age

The Coming of Age campaign has been launched to build a new theatre in the Wynyard Quarter - Auckland's exciting new business and entertainment district. The redevelopment of the quarter has breathed new life into this historic area and opened up a new side of Auckland for its residents and visitors.

The new theatre will add an extra dimension to the waterfront and substantially contribute to the 'after five economy'. Aucklanders and visitors will be able to enjoy dinner, a show, a stroll along the waterfront and much more, all within easy reach of the CBD.

A Complement to Other Performing Arts Venues

Auckland lacks the diversity of venues needed to become a leading creative and cultural hub. The new waterfront theatre will provide a state-of-the art 600-seat space for theatre and dance. It will complement Q on Queen Street, which provides a smaller, flexible theatre space, and Auckland Live which provides a host of venues for concerts and theatre. Along with the newly-renovated Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland can truly become a city proud of its cultural infrastructure. 

For All New Zealanders

As well as being a fantastic asset for Auckland, the benefits of the theatre will also be experienced by New Zealand as a whole. A better arts infrastructure in Auckland will attract more international talent and provide a venue for touring national companies.