For Everyone

The community benefit of the ASB Waterfront Theatre is best illustrated via how it delivers to several strategic planning documents for the Auckland region.

The key document is The Auckland Plan. The ASB Waterfront Theatre meets two of the transformational shifts to ensure Auckland becomes the world's most liveable city by 2040.

The first shift is to 'substantially raise living standards for all Aucklanders and focus on those most in need'. The new theatre delivers to the structural change required to shift to "new economy" industries in long-term, sustainable, high-growth sectors, and substantial improvements in people's educational achievement and skills.

It also delivers to 'radically improve the quality of urban living'. The new theatre displays architectural and spatial design excellence in one of the city's best assets, the waterfront.

Incorporated into The Auckland Plan is the strategic initiative of the city centre, identified to effect Auckland's transformation on the world stage and achieve the region's goals as a fair and inclusive community. The Plan includes policies to ensure that major cultural institutions of quality are located in the city centre to provide professional and international cultural events.

Within the Draft Waterfront Plan, the new theatre delivers against the 20 new places proposal of developing new, fun places that will attract many more families and visitors, young and old, to the waterfront for recreation and enjoyment. The design of the new theatre and ASB's new headquarters also meets the Laneways proposal of enhancing existing laneways and the creation of new lanes through larger blocks to improve access to the waterfront area and encourage people to explore.